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X-Out "Green Ribbon" Non Toxic Cleaning products I am a self employed Bookkeeper and have 3 teenage children. One of my sons has issues with dermatitis which would flare up and react badly when he was exposed to, or even touched surfaces that had been cleaned with any of the normal conventional chemical based cleaning products. I tried out the X-Out range of "non chemical" based "Green Ribbon" cleaning products and I found that they were the solution to my problems. Their cleaning properties are very effective and my son no longer has any reactions, so much so, I can now even get him involved in cleaning the bathrooms. THANK YOU X-Out you have helped me immensely


The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria conducts the Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show, the largest dog show of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere with more than 4000 entries. As part of RASV's commitment to continuously improving the experience for exhibitors, the RASV used XOUT Australasia at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show as they were able to provide a quality product that is organic and free of harmful chemicals.

The use of the Odour Eliminator product both internally and externally in the dog precinct proved to be hugely successful in creating a healthy, safe and pleasant environment for both exhibitors and dogs.

Dogs Coordinator, RASV

Janelle Batstone - HOMEOWNER

Just a note to say thank you for a superb product. We started using X-OUT after a very expensive plumber visit to unblock an external drain and after he told us we had an ongoing problem and would probably require repeat house calls to maintain the drain. We were also horrified at the plumber product recommendation in order to prevent the drain from blocking further. It is caustic and harmful to the environment and it is astonishing that people are being advised to put this down their drains! Instead we purchased X-OUT Organic Drain Cleaner and have not required any further visits by any plumber to unblock any drain. We now do not have to use any harmful substances to keep the drain unblocked and X-Out has saved has us a fortune overall. A truly fantastic product that is great for the environment, keeps my dogs safe and saves us money! Thank you for a company that cares and a product that really works.


Hi There. I bought some of your Organic Pet Odour Eliminator at the Melbourne Pet and Animal Expo yesterday (Sunday 20 February 2011). I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the product. I have spent a lot of money on products to try and remove the urine smell from the carpet as sometimes our foster kittens have accidents around the place. I sprayed the affected areas and almost instantly the smell was gone. I let it all soak in and went back and it was smell free. I like this product as it doesn't have a strong smelling cover smell, it has a nice scent. I am an Animal Management Officer at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital and I will definitely be recommending this product to the staff and clients. Thanks again.


For a number of years now, on a daily basis we have been using the X-Out Organic Odour Eliminator, to eliminate odours in our roller skates & roller blades that we have hired out to our customers.

We have found the product to be simple to use and extremely effective.

As we are highly conscious of providing a hygienic product and service when we hire out our skates and don't want issues with smells or foot infections. We believe the X-Out Odour Eliminator is the perfect solution. We know it works and being a 100% organic product we are confident it is safe for our staff and our customers. Thank you X-Out keep up the good work.


We used the X-OUT Odour Elimination [Commercial] Service for two of our motel rooms. One room had a smelly dog odour and the other room had a musty smell. We are extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend this service to other motel owners.


I had a small bottle of milk roll under the back seat of my car last week in the terrible heat it exploded rank lumpy milk all through the carpet and under the seat. The smell was unbelievably bad and I couldn't get rid of it. Every time I got into the car, I had to drive with the windows down and my head out the window. I forgot about the Pet Odour Eliminator, but after I gave the carpet two thorough sprays, all the bad odour had disappeared.. Great stuff!


To whom it may concern. Our agency has used the ODOUR EXPLODER ODOUR ELIMINATION services of X-OUT Australia Pty Ltd on several occasions. We have found their staff to be most helpful, and we have been happy with the result of the Odour Elimination Service provided.


I was given a 500ml bottle of X-OUT Odour Eliminator as a gift and it is the best product I have ever tried and will be recommending your products to all my family and friends.


Hi. I moved into my new house and the old owners left me a bottle of X-OUT Organic Drain Cleaner. I loved it. Thanks.


As a vet nurse, it is my job to deal with cleaning and making sure everything smells fresh and clean. It's really important that when clients enter your surgery, it is smelling fresh and clean, which can be difficult with so many animals and different procedures going on. X-OUT Pet Odour Eliminator is the most amazing product we have tried and does totally eliminate odours instantly, as it promises. Other products only mask the unwanted odours with flowery scents, which can mean you end up with combination of the bad scent and a flowery one, which can be just as bad, if not worse.

X-OUT Pet Odour Eliminator is non-toxic and completely safe to use around pets and has so many applications, from deodorising cages in the vet surgery and cleaning up if an animal has an accident. It is so safe, we have used it on an ill animal that was very smelly, so made handling the animal unpleasant. This cat was very ill, so could not be bathed as it would stress it out too much. After spraying the cat with X-OUT, it definitely made handling the cat much more pleasant. From a behavioural point of view, X-OUT is very useful.

If you think how acute a cat or dog's sense of smell is and how a dog can smell a finger print on a pane of glass 6 weeks after it is placed there. If animals are stressed, they can give off stress, or fear, pheromones that can last and affect other animals, and that is why we use synthetic, calming pheromones in the practice. After cleaning all pens and cages, we spray out the cages or pens with X-OUT, to totally eliminate any odours, before applying fresh pheromones. In our opinion, this greatly assists in better use of the pheromones we use. In toilet training puppies and kittens, as well as teaching a new pet what to do and how to do it, cleaning up properly is the next most important thing. It is vitally important that all areas where mistakes occur, are cleaned thoroughly and no scent at all is left, or the pet will probably return to the area and wet, or defecate again. Try it and you will see just how well it totally eliminates all odours, completely and thoroughly.

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